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Stone of Shungite:

Shungite works to cleanse and align all the particles in the body so that they are open and in alignment with the light. It carries strong purifying, cleansing and detoxifying properties. It can be used to clear your body of any dysfunctional patterns, which in turn can manifest as negativity, emotional difficulties or even certain disease.

 Shungite has been found to help: normalize cellular metabolism, increase enzymatic activity, stimulate the ability of tissues to regenerate, increase the resistance of the body's cells, It possess anti-inflammatory properties, It acts against toxins by neutralizing any toxins present in the body. 

When we feel weakened, or feel that our strength is depleted, it generally means that our energetic concentration is low this makes us more susceptible to influences from our environment. Consequently, our bio-energetic concentration makes up a large part of how protected and rooted we feel, which is in large part controlled by the first root chakra. In comparison to other root chakra system of the same weight, the shungite metaphysical properties have been proven to achieve the largest expansion of your overall energy field, the greatest concentration and a strikingly significant effect on the first root chakra. It has the ability to open up access to life energy (first chakra). We have recently learned that it is the ultimate crystal for root chakra healing and balancing. 

At every moment of every day, our energetic bodies are constantly influenced by everything around us. It picks up and integrates subtle information from everything that we come into contact with, whether we are aware of it or not. When Shungite comes into contact with your body, or is placed in your environment, the shungite metaphysical properties help your energetic body instantaneously correct any imbalance or shift in energy that has occurred, allowing your system as a whole to remain balanced and centered. 

Another shungite property is that it also acts as a protector and a transformer of electromagnetic energy. Due to the presence of fullerenes naturally in Shungite, it has the ability to absorb and neutralize negative energy, harmful chemicals and the impact of electromagnetic radiation (EMFs). Research has demonstrated its effectiveness in neutralizing the effects of EMFs such as those emitted by home appliances, cell phones, Wi-Fi hot spots, and computers?in short, all of the electromagnetic emissions that we are constantly surrounded by. Although electromagnetic waves are invisible, they do have a physical component that can be detected by electromagnetic field detectors. Shungite healing properties do not interfere with the function of the electronic equipment; instead they transform the influence of any harmful radiation that is put out. Shungite is a true tool of electromagnetic protection and a contributor to the process of healing electro-sensitivity. 

One of the most unique shungite properties is that it does not take on a charge when exposed to sources such as electromagnetic radiation, high frequencies or human emotional influences. It remains completely neutral, never taking on a negative charge, and balancing the right and left sides of your body. It also helps to realign all other crystals to their natural vibration. Similar to selenite crystals, Shungite also activates and increases the effect of any other crystal placed with it.

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Summer Solstice
It is the longest day and shortest day of the year, when the sun is at the height of its power. The Solstice was a sacred day to many ancient peoples. It was marked by the alignment of the sun and stones at Stonehenge, and circles throughout Western Europe.In many traditions the Sun is a masculine god-symbol, he is the Divine Son, born at Yule and now at the peak of his splendor.The solstice represents the wedding of heaven and Earth, as the sun?s full strength is poured into the growing crops. Through the lights begin to diminish after the solstice, it is not destroyed but only transmuted; we se it again in the ripened grains, fruit, and vegetables gathered at harvest. Earth and sunlight blended in Life.It is a festival both of triumph and of sadness; we share the glory, yet know it must fade as the summer wanes.The light, life is in its fullness, but tomorrow, it will begin imperceptibly giving way to the dark death.